Mortgage Checklist

Here is a list of the information that you will need to complete the home loan application; plus the supporting documentation CBTx will need to process your loan application:

  • Two forms of ID for each applicant (drivers license; SS card; passport; CHL permit; military ID).  At least one form must be a photo-ID.
  • Employment History
    • For the last two years, employment dates, addresses, gross salary (monthly)
    • Current pay stubs (covering the last 30 days) 
    • The last 2 years' W-2 forms
  • Bank/ Credit Union Account Information
    • Bank name; account number; account type (checking, savings, etc.); and current balance for each account.
    • Last 2 months' statements for each account; all pages of each statement.
  • Investment Account Information (if applicable)
    • Investment company or advisor's name and address; current balance in the account(s).
    • Last 2 months' statements; or copies of stock certificates (if applicable).
  • Retirement Plan
    • 401K or 403B plans:  Approximate vested balance in the account.
    • IRA or Roth IRA accounts:  Plan name (bank or investment) and current balance.
    • For all types:  Copy of latest account statement; all pages please.
  • Liabilities and Other Non-Mortgage Debt
    • Creditors' names, addresses, account numbers
    • Monthly payments and approximate balances
    • For a child-support or alimony payer, provide a copy of the court order (divorce decree) showing the amount of your payment.

Other income information you may need

  • If you're self-employed
    • Last two filed tax returns, both personal and business (if applicable), including all schedules and W-2 forms; signed and dated.
    • If your loan will close after the normal filing deadline (April 16th) and you have not filed personal and/or business returns by the closing date, please provide a copy of your request for extension and a profit and loss statement with balance sheet for most recent year end.
  • If you have income from commissions, overtime, bonus; notes receivable; rental property; or interest/dividends
    • Please provide your last two filed personal federal tax returns; with all schedules; signed and dated.
  • If employed in family business
    • Personal federal income tax returns and all schedules for the past two years; signed and dated.
  • If you choose to disclose income from child support or alimony
    • Complete executed divorce decree; must have the judge's signature and evidence of filing.
    • Evidence of receipt of this income for the past 12 months; can be a printout from the AG's office or copies of your bank statements for the past 12 months.

If you own real estate and ...

  • If you've sold your home but not closed:
    • A copy of the sales contract
  • If you've sold your home, closed, and you will use the proceeds for your new down payment:
    • A copy of the Closing Disclosure (CD) from the home sale
  • If you have property(ies) that you are retaining, please provide
    • A copy of the most recent tax statement and insurance invoice (if applicable) for each retained property.
    • Is their financing on this property? Please provide the lender name, account number, payment, and current balance.

If you're refinancing your home

  • A copy of your most recent mortgage statement (if applicable)
  • If you don't escrow for insurance and taxes, please provide a copy of the most recent tax and home insurance statements.
  • A copy of the survey (showing boundary lines and all improvements).

If you're buying a home

  • Sales contract with all addenda; signed and dated by all parties.
  • If a source of your down payment is a gift:
    • Name, address and relationship of donor; and amount of the gift.
    • Gift funds must be verified in both the donor's account (before the gift transfer) and recipient's account (after the transfer).

For Construction Financing

  • Signed builder contract with cost breakdown.
  • House plans showing elevations (from all sides) and floor plan; plus the specifications ("spec sheet").

For FHA Financing

  • Social Security card for each applicant is required.  Please contact the nearest Social Security office if you don't have a card.

For VA Financing

  • DD214 (Member Copy #4) and Certificate of Eligibility (COE).   If you don't have a COE, we can usually obtain it electronically.